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Yes, we know how to choose the most fashionable – and - flattering clothing for your body type

Today's  designers are creating clothes and apparel that is specifically designed to hide a body flaw and accentuate the best aspects of your figure.

There are also some tricks of the trade that can make a huge difference in your look.  We collected some of the best tips and listed them below.   And remember this:  half the fun of shopping at Lou Lou’s boutique is the great advice you get from our fashion consultants.  So why wait?  Come and see us soon.

What do you recommend for a woman who is looking for stylish pants that are also flattering?

Brenda Beddome is a great choice.  You can choose between skinny and straight.  They look great on just about everyone and here is the best news:  they make you look at least one size smaller!

How can I camouflage the flaws in my body shape?

 We get this question a lot.  Here are some ideas that are slimming and flattering:

 What can I do to appear taller?

 How can I hide sagging arms?


We hope you found these fashion tips helpful, but they can’t replace the advice you can get inside our boutique.  So why wait?  Come and visit us soon.  You deserve it!


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